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Our executive search effort is dedicated to serving our client’s best interest and providing the client with superior management talent. Management talent with problem solving ability…capable of managing in Today’s Highly Competitive Transportation Environment and making contributions to the organization’s bottom line. The performers you seek are not answering employment ads. They are happily, gainfully and productively employed by your direct competition assisting your competitors in achieving their goals. They have to be presented an opportunity. That’s what we do. Our reputation for providing the industry with executive search services allows the candidate to explore career advancement opportunities in total confidence.

Our Services Are Exclusively Dedicated To The Transportation Industry

We are in daily contact with key management personnel throughout all segments of the industry. We can provide qualified candidates that can make a positive impact on your company’s performance and operating ratio.

Executive Search Services

We are not a franchise employment agency. We do not “market” candidates. Working on assignment, we send you only those candidates who meet agreed upon specifications. We do not send resumes without the candidate’s permission. Not only is this a protection for candidates, it assures you that any candidate we present will have a genuine interest in your company.

Confidential Incumbent Replacement

For a smoother transition, continuity of business, customer relations, and internal reasons, it is often essential to conduct an executive search on a confidential basis without the incumbent being aware of the search. We make the transition smoother for all parties involved. Because we do not act as an employment agency, our reputation is highly respected within the trucking industry for the quality and confidentiality of our services. Client referrals will be provided for referencing our services on their behalf.

We Guarantee Our Services

A written guarantee is provided supporting our services. As a result, our interests are equal to yours in making the best candidate selection. We work closely with our clients to assure mistakes in the hiring process are eliminated.

“Our Clients Sell Our Services Harder Than We Do!”
We will provide you with Client Referrals that have utilized our services for 30 + years.

JIM PARHAM & ASSOCIATES, INC. has the solutions to solve your management staffing problems. Our reputation for providing qualified personnel to resolve those problems becomes your asset. We understand the trucking business from “your side of the desk”. We will work to see that you are added to our valued listing of repeat clients.

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